JOB opening: Senior Software Engineer

You will be working with a small team of UI designers, soft engineers, and business managers to integrate our backend system with our corporate client’s. Working under a flat corporate hierarchy, we welcome pro-active ideas and proposals from all team members to seek the most efficient solution. The daily job portfolio will involve coding, testing, monitoring, and tuning our backend system (the communication and database modules in particular).

KEY qualities

1. Experience: The candidate should have at least 3 years’ experience in software development for high performance backend systems with large volume of requests and transaction data.

2. Skillsets: mySQL REDIS databases and tools, and integration with JAVA applications; computer network with live distributed applications; Linux; writing testing codes;

3. Personality that fits in: As a startup, we are looking for candidates with a warm and pleasant personality towards people on the street and positive attitude facing obstacles. Most importantly, the candidate can be self-driven and a good teamplayer: he/she will have opportunities to initiate a project, define the objective, and follow through to the desired key results (OKR process); he/she has to keep the whole team updated and coordinate available resources within the company or seek new resources outside.

4. Language: Fluent English.

PREFERRED (not required) qualities

Skills: Data analysis and modeling; scalable backend system (or experience in using Google Cloud Platform); knowledge of system monitoring tools; NoSQL database; asynchronous programming tools and frameworks (e.g. JavaScript/node.js).

Language: Fluent in Chinese.


S$3500 – S$5000/month, based on experience and merits, and quickly upgradable based on performance.

Starting with a 6-month contract, and renewable based on performance. A great learning experience and personal growth by working in a dynamic team with great aspirations in shaping the transport and clean energy industry.Highly financially rewarded in the future as the startup grows.